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I remember the spot beneath the pine tree

Just two feet from the river rock on the corner of Priest and Elliot.

I remembered there are three types of death; one for the body,
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Dear Dads, Fathers, and Men who donate Seeds,

The use of language, physical beatings, psychological torture and non verbal communication create an energy field. This is a tangible feeling, especially to children. They are more intune with the energy fields around them because they have not hardened to feeling of the universal connection. The process of growing up, your interactions, directions and fears will create this. Your primary responsibility is to ensure they know who they really are, not who you EXPECT them to be.
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Dear Me,    Why do I pull from people who ‘lean’ in, seeming to ask for answers to questions about themselves? Also seeking validation for their choices or the undefined choices? What are undefined choices? I wonder about relationships, sexual … Continue reading

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Dear Universe,

Today I am here, a bit uncertain and somewhat ambigous to the happenings in my life. So I sought books, I have read and re-read many great authors. Seeking clarity as the song says…. Now I embark on a different … Continue reading

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