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From an idea to fruition, spells, incantations, perhaps the odd parenting advice and sometimes the blossoming of self.

Dear Universe

I am somewhat at a loss with my mother, well both of my parents feel the same way about the homosexual lifestyle. Their stance is they love me, don’t agree with the lifestyle and believe it to be wrong. Yet … Continue reading

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Dear Christmas

Today I found myself looking around and realized there is no tree up, no lights hung from the eaves, and no presents wrapped for the morning frenzy. I didn’t stand in line for the latest gadgets or spend a hundred … Continue reading

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Dear Money

I am now so happy and grateful that money flows into my pockets, my bank accounts, my business with freedom, ease and consistency.

I am free from the idea that there is not enough, today I believe, know and shout to the world:
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Dear Exhaustion

Weary is carrying a heavy load. Exhaustion, however is mentally, spiritually and physically worn down to the nub. Raw, shaky, lost, and uncertain. In this mental state I can not feasibly make sound decisions. If I am able to discern the next right action then it is out of the lizard brain otherwise known as survival mode. Continue reading

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Dazzling, moving and utterly spent… Thank you for sharing!!

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Dear Inner Voice

I am not sure how to say it sometimes but I am deeply grateful for you. I need you in my life and I don’t often remember to listen. You are my rock, the inside of me, my soul if … Continue reading

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From the beginning we, humanity, have walked through amazing events as both individuals and a collective. There are those among us who still hold to old belief systems which create separateness and division, they are still welcome to hold them. I am not willing to repeat the past mistakes of my human brothers and sisters, and so I set out to write new proposal. Continue reading

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Loving yourself before berating another

Times are tough, more and more young people are facing hardships at 20 year of age that were not relevant 20 years ago. The times of today’s economy are not limited to the younger generation either, people in their 30’s, … Continue reading

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The Scavenger Hunt -Flash Fiction

Sally’s team was due for a win this year. The Angry Ninja Whore Beavers had come in third place two years ago and last year they missed first place by 500 points. The rules were simple, one car, minimum of 3 people, photos or tokens were collected for points, and all rulings were final by the judges. Louise, the driver, pulled into a small plaza with a tattoo shop and psychic. Continue reading

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