Dear Universe

I am somewhat at a loss with my mother, well both of my parents feel the same way about the homosexual lifestyle. Their stance is they love me, don’t agree with the lifestyle and believe it to be wrong. Yet they have met my wife, allowed her to stay on their property and become apart of their lives. She even plays facebook games and chats with my mother. I am truly grateful they have accepted her as a person instead of a an issue. Recently however I ran into a person who blatantly went postal on me (verbally) due to my current lifestyle. (please note I use terms like lifestyle and orientation as a means of communication, I do not hold true to the “choice” or any other doctrine that suggests I am different based on who I sleep with.). At any rate this man proceeded to quote the bible, spouting words like Satan’s work is being done here. The good word of god will prevail, etc, etc… etc. I was shaken because I hadn’t ran into such blatant hostility. After overcoming my anger I reported him to the park managers for the swap meet. My wife, however was livid and posted to her facebook page and talked with her friends group there about the situation. This is her way of dealing with the feelings. My mother who is her friend saw the post and wrote to me in our private group. Her words were odd, contradictory. Here is what she said. -Just read Aleshia’s post. I am sorry you had that happen to you. No, you are not an abomination and “christian” people would not behave that way. So you know not everyone will agree with your choices, but they are that, your choices. Not theirs. I am not suggesting that you change, but I am suggesting that you stop bringing it to the attention to everyone as you go about your daily life. It is not anyone else’s business, but when you bring it up, slap em in the face with it, gotta expect some are going to react and react negatively. I do not agree with that reaction especially being so called christian. If you just acted interested in the item, without the narrative of why and who behind it, it would not have occurred and it really was not the point. You and Aleshia are a couple. Do not give people the chance to expound on it. It is not their choice and it has no bearing on being a consumer in their place of business. I hope you get what I am trying to say. I do not agree with the lifestyle, either, but I do have compassion for humans and understand not all of us are the same with the same desires. I do not believe in a God that is also not compassionate. So, do not let the zealot upset you. Do not hate, release and show christian compassion and turn the other cheek. The love you give, will be given back three fold. Right?- While I appreciated her concern I felt as though she condoned me for not hiding. Am I alone here? Do other people experience this dichotomy with their families?


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From an idea to fruition, spells, incantations, perhaps the odd parenting advice and sometimes the blossoming of self.
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