From the beginning we, humanity, have walked through amazing events as both individuals and a collective. There are those among us who still hold to old belief systems which create separateness and division, they are still welcome to hold them. I am not willing to repeat the past mistakes of my human brothers and sisters, and so I set out to write  new proposal.

Neale Donald Walsch wrote a book, several in fact, however in one of them he characterized the behavior of humanity in a  simple paragraph. Many religious beliefs hold to some story about the coming of God, whether it be Jesus or Mohammed or even Buddha and many others. The idea is about the second coming of peace to this world through a divine intervention. Although a belief about such an event, in the past, has created opportunity for war, domination and annihilation I believe a new interpretation is perhaps in order. Mind you, I must preëmpt this interpretation with a little clarification. I am not the first person to suggest this idea, nor will I be the last. And under no circumstances am I suggesting this idea is new or the “right” way. Far from the truth, I AM however suggesting that in the dark of the devastation wrought by humanity upon itself we have overlooked another simple idea about unity, peace and second coming.

According to Walsch, many have walked this earth in the past and present who carried a message to people. For some the message was hope, others it was unity, and still others talked about hatred, racisim and even equality. Some of these ideas are still spouted from the mouths of people seeking something only their hearts can describe. It is not a new idea, simply another way to see it through the eyes of your soul. If you are willing to take a peek.

The first idea isthat prophets, whether old or new, have a pattern with humanity. First they come to some sort of ideal and then they share this ideal with another person. The ideal is the message carried by word of mouth, sometimes by book and most recently through visuals like movies. It has also been carried in tune and song and it is this idea or message that captures the attention of those listening, watching and hearing. The recipient will take in the message and feel something, usually a glimmer of hope springs forth and a new charge is brought about. People began to spread the word, sing the song or pass the video along until more people are listening and watching. These people become a movement that shatters whatever cultural norm is in place. The prophet or messeger is loved, revered and sometimes idolized. Then  the next phase of the cycle comes, doubt and fear. Some will speak against the message instilling fear among those not quite sure what to take from the prophet. This fear grows until a mob is created which seeks to destroy the prophet but because we are all human and love is our center; they will first offer the prophet  a chance to recant his message. And if the mob is in power, they may even offer repentence in order to save another’s soul from one of their most common lies, damnation.

This is where the prophet comes to test, if you will, against the will of the people in front of them and there own heart. For courage comes in many shapes and sizes, for some courage is seen on a field where battle rages against a foe. Others see courage as doing the impossible, climbing  a mountain with only one hand or traversing the desert on a horse where only camels have tread. Courage is sometimes fetching a stranded person from danger and in rare instances courage is standing face to face with a friend and telling them no. The prophet is here, standing before those that call themselves the leaders and a host of people who were neighbors, friends and even family.  The messenger can be directed here by only one of two forces, love or fear. If fear wins then the messenger will recant, quiver, beg for mercy or say it was all a joke. But it is when we see Love move in and take up residence when the messenger finds another type of courage.

It is here that we find one person standing against a hoard still repeating the truth of their heart, and here where we see, in our past and present, the fear of humanity drive a stake into the heart of peace. The prophet dies, there in front of everyone gasps the breath of air and blood like a river flows through the heart of the mob. Now most will believe that when a person dies they have won, conquered the foe they perceived before them. Now is when Love becomes even more powerful because at the moment of death we witness the peace in which another has passed away.

What we once feared, we began to love again.

Today is the moment when those who believe in love will outnumber the masses who live in fear. You will see it if you are courageous enough to peek through the veil. And in many forms will it appear, at first just a glance or a chance. You will doubt it at first and then it will happen again and again.

Facebook posts talking about stopping the consumerism. Others taking up arms against the government. A child pierced by a bullet who still speaks about peace among Islamist. The couple standing at the corner of walmart holding a sign that says; Need a Miracle. The sign posted at the corner of Ironwood and Apache Trail that reads: You Matter.

The time is now, when we began to listen to sound of our hearts and ignore the fear mongering of the mind.

Today is the day when we remember Love is stronger.


About The Well

From an idea to fruition, spells, incantations, perhaps the odd parenting advice and sometimes the blossoming of self.
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