Loving yourself before berating another

Times are tough, more and more young people are facing hardships at 20 year of age that were not relevant 20 years ago. The times of today’s economy are not limited to the younger generation either, people in their 30’s, 40’s even my grandparents and parents are walking through difficult choices about medicine, healthcare and long term security.

The truth is what they used to tell us growing up no longer applies and the younger generation knows it, at least they can feel it. What do we do now? Hard work only gets you minimum pay and more hard work. Media propaganda, also known as advertising, is limiting our brains with unnessecary products that either do little or break inside 3 months.

The system itself is set up to fail, see Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadow’s manifesto. We need to love ourselves enough to say, “hey this isn’t working and telling you it will work doesn’t change that its just not working for me.”

Maybe then we can seek out solutions for our youth and elderly that doesn’t put them in a box before they are dead.


About The Well

From an idea to fruition, spells, incantations, perhaps the odd parenting advice and sometimes the blossoming of self.
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