The note left by the landlord said not to forget about her on the 25th.

The rent is late but I can’t forget my first apartment.

The sanctuary I created to combat the stillness, the fear of being alone.

It’s only Tuesday and I can’t forget why I chose to wake from the slumber of happily ever after.

I remember the corner of Priest and Elliot where the

River rock decorates the sewage drain.

I remember piecing together broken fragments, like glass,

As my heart let loose its final grip on the past.

I remember watching the parts of my dream fade as she wiped her nose

With an old, worn, yellow bandana.

I remember reading books stacked to the ceiling searching for truth

To find it always remained locked in a box, I lost the attic.

I remember pacing through fresh smelling carpets and unmarked walls.

Screaming at the void; hoping for an answer back to this riddle called existence.

I remember, dreaming of Cinderella at twenty-six years old

Only to find she never left the confines of her servitude at thirty-one.

I remember the spot beneath the pine tree

Just two feet from the river rock on the corner of Priest and Elliot.

I remembered there are three types of death; one for the body,

One for the soul and one for the heart and I chose.

I remember, rocking, my arms wrapped tightly around my knees.

Feeling my heart shudder its last beat, I waited.

Its only Tuesday and I remember,

The rent is due and I am still here.

-as seen published in Stars In Our Hearts by Rochelle Foulk


About The Well

From an idea to fruition, spells, incantations, perhaps the odd parenting advice and sometimes the blossoming of self.
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