Dear Dads, Fathers, and Men who donate Seeds,

Dear Dad, Fathers, and Men who donated seeds,

       This is a letter, from the Universe. As it is defined the universe is an everexpansive space which all things exist, inside of it live all the organisms of the earth and every other planet in this vast space. Perhaps more locally this is a letter to all men who have donated a piece of who they are to create a child, a gift to the universe. People are derived from two other people and in this, I the universe am addressing you.

       Dad, a term used to designate the male counterpart of conception of children.

Father, more formal term used to designate the male counterpart in the conception of children.

Men who donated seeds is a phrase to designate the biological aspect of the process of conception.

This means you, all of you, there is no male disregarded here, for even if you have not participated in the conception of a child you are capable.

     I, the Universe,  express my gratitude to you.  Thank you for your contribution to the world of people. Your invaluable donation is without pause a wonderous gift. Your ability to give life to the world is a gift. It is now time you start to act like it, instead of the indifferent, emotionally unavailable, stone crushing mentality of “men”. This mentality is not serving the world of children nor is it serving yourself. The injustice to your gifts is without gasp and awe, for in denying the vunerability of who you are, you then deny it in the hearts of the gifts you helped to create. Little children ,literally, look up to you and hear the pain in your voice,over time as they grow they believe your fears to be their own.

This is the gift all men, fathers, and dads have, the ability to lead by example and be the change in this world.

The use of language, physical beatings, psychological torture and non verbal communication create an energy field. This is a tangible feeling, especially to children. They are more intune with the energy fields around them because they have not hardened to feeling of the universal connection. The process of growing up, your interactions, directions and fears will create this. Your primary responsibility is to ensure they know who they really are, not who you EXPECT them to be.

Girls are not put into specific categories, roles based on their genitalia. This prohibits them from growing, connecting and being free. Boys are not meant to be “little” men or “big” boys, the expression of sadness, grief, or fear is being human. “Toughening”, conditioning and preparation limits there natural ability to nuture, love and express peace.

Your personal experiences in this world are the choices you created. Helping the children to see beyond your limitations is perhaps one of the single most important assignments you have been given. Instead you create these limitations for them based on your experience of living, this is in fact the opposite of what you are charged with. The assignment of children is to enhance and create in the world around them, to see beyond the limitations of the mind, to remember who they are and then implement change.

Your assignment is to give them the opportunity, encouragement, and support to do this.

In fact as a child you were also denied these glorious opportunities and so because it was done to you, the feeling is to ensure your children experience the same.

This is by far, the most atrocious crime you can commit, and there are no laws of men to dispel this behavior.

It is this behavior that continues to allow the following:

Molestation of children by family members, observing your world, your scientists, and research makers, the statistics report 1 in 4 women are sexually propositioned, molested, raped, and or verbally sexually assualted by the time they are 10 years old BY a member of their own family.

This list includes brothers, fathers, step-fathers, uncles, cousins, family friends, STRANGERS are by far the least possible, statistically speaking,  to be the perpetrators.

As this continues to happen a child, strong enough to find her voice, will speak against this violation, the family mentality, as I have observed is to ignore, blame, disect, and/or challenge the validity.

When/ where does the strength of a protector come into play here? If at 25 your daughter is being verbally harrassed by her uncle in a sexual manner, the same uncle who sexually assaulted your eldest, what is the reasoning behind doing nothing?

Why is it the women of the family discuss how to put it “past you”, “its over and done with”, “I cant do anything about it now”, or my personal favorite, “it happened to me too, and I turned out okay.”

Seriously, this idea that your children are punching bags, sexual playthings, and/or evidence of YOUR percieved mistake must stop. There are NO mistakes, none. Period, the end. YOU are killing your children from the inside and have taken no responsibility to nuture their well being.

I say it again, YOU are the gift until this world in creating a child. YOUR seed is, by design, part of the integral piece of making a life. YOUR assignment is to nuture, teach, set free, and ignite the passion within this child.

The glory of sex is a union by which you have been given, if you do not wish children then you can take advantage of numerous birth control and still enjoy the fruits of such an exchange. there is no reason for you to impregnate a woman and then leave because “its not your problem” , “your too young to have a child”.

This is the cycle and the abuse goes far beyond physical sexual violations. I have witnessed men beating their children, with belts, fists, two by fours, hoses, books, wooden spoons, sticks, and numerous other devices for acts of defiance, existing, lying, peeing in their pants, being fearful, uncertain, failing a test, speaking, spilling milk, not getting homework done, asking for food, stealing, the list here extends infinitelyl.

The absolute worse offense is indifference and psychological torture. The cries of the children across the world rise up to drown out the offenses and you still can not hear them. Allow me to illuminate your awareness, because you can heal this. YOU have the power to change this world, you were created to protect, to build, to love, to energize, to move this world. YOU are endowed with the insight of beauty beyond imagination. You have forgotten who you are and thus wreak havoc upon those percieved as weaker.

Your thoughts of ownership, control and privelege extend beyond the borders of truth, for you have never owned anything. Ownership is a world created to establish control over others. Your need to feel superior separates you from the truth of real freedom. IT is a fear based idea, one you have been taught and continue to teach. You have forgotten the beauty of your soul.

In the place of who you really are you have sought to harm other people, rape, murder, own,terrorize, molest, beat, verbally assault, kill, and enslave in the name of control, superiority, God, and being “right”.

Such acts against children, people, nations have wrought the devastation of humanity.

As the co-creators of children, your gifts I have given you and your ability to literally move mountains you have the opportunity, nay the internal drive to create. By these gifts, you are not only responsible, but you are charged with the healing of the world. For only you can change from within to better the world around you.
ONLY you can make that change and only within yourself.

Here is where you remember who you are;



You are the father of the children, the world, the universe.

with love and adoration,

About The Well

From an idea to fruition, spells, incantations, perhaps the odd parenting advice and sometimes the blossoming of self.
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