Dear Me,

   Why do I pull from people who ‘lean’ in, seeming to ask for answers to questions about themselves? Also seeking validation for their choices or the undefined choices? What are undefined choices?

I wonder about relationships, sexual identity, emotions, and outside people.

I pull from these people because their neediness feels like a vacuum that seeks to pull from me. It is not loving to myself to allow the pulling or sucking.


How do I give a codependant back to themselves?

By not giving myself to them… First I become aware of these behaviors in others. The spiritual axiom tells me that this is how I see myself. The reflection of my actions and behaviors in another, this is the crossroads the soul meets in their lifetime. The choice is of two roads, such as Robert Frost describes. The one most travelled is the social constructs built into my environment growing up. Ideas of what a family is, what friends are, roles in relationships all defined through media, books, people, experiences and thoughts.

The road less travelled would constitute stepping away from these constructs and seeking the voice within, the god voice that lives in my heart. Here, when I am still I can hear where I am going.

Taking that road, the one less travelled, has made all the difference.

I love you,



About The Well

From an idea to fruition, spells, incantations, perhaps the odd parenting advice and sometimes the blossoming of self.
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